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What is Thunderclap?

Friendly. Trustworthy. Caring.

The Forest Colony has endured many long years under the boughs of the trees that surround their thicket walls. Many cats from different walks of life live peacefully together here. Under the guidance of Mayor, the Forest Colony thrives.

Loyalty. Strength. Honor.

The Mountain Domain is the newest colony in the wilds of Cattails, but they've more than proven that they're capable of defending their rocky home. Their leader, Leo, is constantly seeking new recruits to bolster his militia.

Individualism. Tradition. Mystery.

The Mystic Colony can trace its roots back to the ancient days, when their ancestors settled in the strange wetland to the southeast of the Cattails wilderness. Led by Alisa, they live with great reverence for the past, but they also have foresight of the future.


Is it free to support Cattails on Thunderclap?

Absolutely! There is no cost for signing up. If you do, we'll enter you into a drawing to win a free copy of Cattails!

Why Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a fantastic way for us to spread the word about Cattails on its launch date. We need as many people to hear about Cattails as possible on December 1st. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Can I sign up multiple times for a single colony? Can I sign up for multiple different colonies?

Yes and yes! You can sign up using your Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook accounts. However, you'll still only be counted once for the drawing.

Does the winning team get a prize?

No prize other than bragging rights. We figured this would be a much more fun way to run a Thunderclap campaign than just having one standard campaign to sign up on.

How many copies of Cattails will be given away during the drawing?

That depends! For each of the three campaigns that matches or exceeds 100 supporters, we'll give out 3 copies (for a maximum of 9 free copies!)

I have a different question!

We'd be happy to help! Shoot us an email at and we'll respond as fast as we can.

What is Thunderclap?